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About Visual M

A winning combination for the Retailer, the Visual Merchandiser and their Customer.

Are you looking for new and creative improvements? 

Visual M lifts the brand identity and enhances the customer’s store experience, by allowing changes in product presentation. 

“Running RetailLAB for the last decades, we’re always excited to create new ways to catch the eyes of your customer. The smart store solutions and easy adjustable techniques of Visual M help to stay focused on what it is all about: better branding and more sales on the spot.”

Hans van den Hout, CEO RetailLAB

Visual M Service Team

For further information and support on implementation, you can call our Head Office: +31 6 21 51 11 22 or send an email to

Visual M Close Up

Because we love retail

Visual M is an activity from RetailLAB. Visit the website for more information.